24/04/2017: Criminal complaint for a Hellenic Police racist sweep operation against Roma in Mykonos


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To the Prosecutor for racist crimes at the Athens Prosecutor’s Office

[Athens Prosecutor’s Office protocol number 19864/24-4-2017] 24 April 2017

 Tenth complaint on a series of direct or indirect racist crimes

Ms Prosecutor,

We file today our tenth complaint on direct or indirect racist crimes, requesting the formation of a court case file, this time for an offense based on the news published yesterday in the following article at the Proto Thema website, for alleged completely illegal deportation of citizens (Roma and possibly Pakistani) from Mykonos Island. We are also republishing PASOK’s related comment.


Unknown who gave the order.
Unprecedented: Raid against Roma by Greek Police in Mykonos.

Dimitris Popotas, Aria Kalyva 23/04/2017

Επιχείρηση-σκούπα της ΕΛ.ΑΣ. για Ρομά στη ΜύκονοUnprecedented: Raid against Roma by Greek Police in Mykonos

They were “deported” from the island after complaints from visitors and locals – Island divided by police operation – They also expelled Pakistanis located in Ftelia

In cosmopolitan Mykonos, there seems to be no room for Gypsies. What else could be the justification for the sweep operation that started on Thursday morning by Hellenic Police to “expel” from the Island of the Winds any Roma in sight? This incredible story, which raises many questions about the instigators of this peculiar cleansing, effectively highlights the mutation of the five stars Cycladic tourist destination, so that there will no room there for other social groups.

At the same time, any foreigners moving around, who don’t match the aesthetic status of Mykonos, also take the way of no return. For example, a group of Pakistanis who had the misfortune to choose the beach of Ftelia to spend a few hours of carelessness were immediately spotted by the eyes of the law.

According to information, it all began on the holy days of Easter, when many island visitors began to complain as they saw on the streets pickup tracks with Gypsy families. Of course, the Roma are Greek citizens and they have the right to move around all Greek territory without requiring … a residence permit.

The complaints were made to the competent authorities of the island who requested more time and decided to take action as soon as the last visitors for Easter would leave. Thus, from the morning of last Thursday, they launched an operation using road blocks to arrest Gypsies. Anyone found moving around in a car or on foot was taken to the police station for identification, so the Police Department of Mykonos was filled with Roma with no identity cards on them. Then, with speedy procedures and under unclear conditions, they were put aboard the first ship.

This police operation divided people on the island. Some agreed while others disagreed with the manhunt for the “annoying” Roma. Of course, besides the Gypsies with the vans, who, according to some, “destroyed the fabulous image of the island,” poor foreigners who were found on the island without documents on them, were also targeted by the Greek police. Such as a group of Pakistanis who were arrested while playing amateur cricket at the beach of Ftelia; because they did not have the necessary documents with them, they were taken to the detention facilities of the Mykonos Police Department.


Press release by the Human Rights and Migration Policy Section of PASOK on the news of “deportations” of Roma from the island of Mykonos:

Article 5 of the Constitution explicitly provides that “Individual administrative measures which restrict the free movement or establishment in the Country of any Greek are prohibited.” They violated every word of the Constitution.

Recently, Parliament honored Greek Roma in a special meeting. Today we see that their hypocrisy has no limits. They followed Merkel, now they make Sarkozy seem progressive.

The resignation of those responsible is the only way for the government to at least save the pretensions.

Yours sincerely,

Panayote Dimitras
GHM Spokesperson


Greek version of the complaint

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