30/04/2017: Hate crime report 2016 by Greek Helsinki Monitor (GHM) sent to the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR)


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Greece: Hate crime report for 2016


30 April 2017


In 2016, Greek Helsinki Monitor recorded racist crimes in Greece by uploading all related documentation on its special blog Racist Crimes Watch. The 154 entries for 2016 correspond to a larger number of events as several entries concern more than one incident. Racist crimes recorded include incidents of racist profiling, racist speech, racist desecrations & vandalisms, racist discrimination and racist violence, as defined in their recommendations to Greece by the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI), the UN Human Rights Committee (HRCttee) and the UN Committee for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD)    


Out of the 154 entries, 72 concerned incidents against migrants and refugees, 29 were anti-Semitic incidents, 22 were incidents against persons based on their sexual orientation or gender identity, 17 were incidents against Roma, 15 were incidents against persons with disabilities, 10 were incidents against national minorities, 8 were Islamophobic incidents, 7 were incidents against human rights defenders, 3 concerned apology of genocides, 3 were incidents against religious minorities, 2 were incidents against repatriated Greeks (Pontics), 2 were incidents against citizens of other countries, and 1 was an incident against HIV positive persons: the sum exceeds 154 as several entries concerned incidents against more than one victims’ group. All 154 incidents were or will be reported in criminal complaints to the Prosecutor for Racist Crimes in the Athens First Instance Court.


Additionally, GHM’s experience with the complaints filed with the Athens Prosecutor for Racist Crimes is that in 2016 she found them all (but one) admissible and opened case files for each one. Some were sent to local Prosecutors in other cities where the alleged crimes occurred. Those that were investigated in Athens, after the completion of the preliminary investigations, were not assigned to her but to various other Prosecutors. Only after GHM formally raised the issue before UN CERD in August 2016, did they notice that after the completion of the preliminary investigations the case files started in mid-fall of 2016 to be assigned to one Prosecutor who eventually formally replaced the previous Prosecutor in February 2017 as Athens Prosecutor for Racist Crimes.


What is more important is that the fact that the Athens Prosecutor for Racist Crimes having so many other duties, she can only slowly and with considerable delay handle the case files related to racist crimes. GHM, between April 2016 and January 2017, filed complaints for 126 cases of alleged racist crimes. A large number of cases recorded in 2016 and reported below have yet to be filed with the Athens Prosecutor for Racist Crimes because of the existing backlog in her office explained below.


Out of these 126 cases, one was considered inadmissible and 25 were considered admissible. For them, preliminary investigations were launched. Two of those 24 (related to the Bishop of Thessaloniki and the Abbott of Esfigmenou Monastery) were considered admissible by the Athens Prosecutor for Racist Crimes but subsequently archived by two Thessaloniki Prosecutors. Two other cases were sent to the “archives of unknown perpetrators.” For one of these two such archiving is abusive as the perpetrators of a large number of desecrations of Jewish buildings, an extreme right group Combat 18/Non-Aligned Meander Nationalists (C18/AME), has a blog where they provide evidence and brag about their acts, but the prosecuting authorities refuse to identify those administering and/or posting on the blog. The remaining 21 are waiting for their evaluation and the decision of next actions in the drawers of various Prosecutors.


The remaining 100 cases for which GHM has filed complaints with the Athens Prosecutor for Racist Crimes, between October 2016 and January 2017, are still waiting to be reviewed by the Prosecutor so that she either launches preliminary investigations or considers them inadmissible.


The list of racist crimes recorded in 2016

  1. 10/01/2016: Homophobic attack (claimed by the victims) by stoning, that missed the target, in Thessaloniki port.
  2. 13/01/2016: Violent homophobic attack and robbery (claimed by the victim) on Patission str. in Athens center.
  3. 17/01/2016: Islamophobia and blasphemy of Islam through the medium of the press, in mainstream large circulation “Vima” weekly newspaper.
  4. 05/02/2016: Neo-Nazi group AME – Combat 18 claims responsibility fοr racist and antisemitic graffiti in Patras.
  5. 07/02/2016: Antisemitism and condoning of the Holocaust (“a new Hitler might rise”) by the Abbot of the Esphigmenou Monastery (Mt. Athos), during rally in Athens.
  6. 16/02/2016: Intolerant remarks against disabled persons on “Al Tsantiri” a program of mainstream, large audience Alpha TV, by famous standup comedian.
  7. 29/02/2016: Racist statement against refugees by Heraklion, Crete city councilor.
  8. 07/03/2016: Racist, libelous post against an ex-Prime Minister (George Papandreou), the GHM spokesperson (Panayote Dimitras), immigrants and minorities, in a Thrace Monastery blog.
  9. 08/03/2016: Racist remark against a repatriated Greek by a major Olympiakos FC administration.
  10. 16/03/2016: Homo/transphobic and sexist initial decision to refuse providing a public area to the LGBTQI+ Crete Pride by Rethymno Municipality.
  11. 16/03/2016: Racist and islamophobic (mention of Muslims later confused with Indians) question by a TV host on mainstream, large audience Antenna TV: “what would you do if you were raped by refugees?”, as it happened in Germany and “in India they massively rape women and it is, unfortunately, in their DNA”.
  12. 17/03/2016: Greek Minister of Defense announces he will speak to “the largest decision making center of the world, an Israeli Center in the USA” .13. 17/03/2016: Hoax concerning alleged rape of adolescent refugee from another refugee in Idomeni, reproduced by many media.
  13. 21/03/2016: Hoax disseminated by media and a MP on alleged “removal of a Madonna icon” and “a demand that church bells are silences” by refugees, in Eleftheroupoli, Kavala.
  14. 23/03/2016: Hoax concerning alleged burning of icons and crosses, in Chersos – Kilkis, published in neo-Nazi “Stochos” weekly newspaper.
  15. 21 και 24/03/2016: Statements by Bishop of Kalavrita on alleged “conquerors – immigrants who burn icons to warm up” [proved to be a hoax] and other hate speech.
  16. 25/03/2016: Antisemitic article, offensive to Judaism (that allegedly “imposed” Easter celebrations to Christianity and more) in “Palmos Galatsiou” Athenian suburban newspaper.
  17. 25/03/2016: Racist rally “welcoming” bus of refugees in Veria, by throwing pig heads.
  18. 26/03/2016: Anti-Roma hate speech and open promotion of discrimination by the Mayor of Aspropyrgos, a large suburb of Athens.
  19. 02/04/2016: A football team in Thrace wears the uniform of the Greek National Team in a match against “Enosi Asomaton”, a Turkish national minority local team.
  20. 04/04/2016: Hoax in a blog on allegedly “refugees burying a chapel” in Veria.
  21. 13/04/2016: Regional vice-governor of Chios Stamatis Karmanjis: “A good Turk is a dead Turk”.
  22. 23 & 24/04/2016: Military exercise called “Pomak with a Greek soul 2016” by self-styled “Sacred Band 2012 reservists and friends of the Special Forces” including a scenario of dealing with the Turkish minority as “traitors”.
  23. 24/04/2016: Ηοmophobic verbal violence, and threat with a crowbar in Patras.
  24. 25/04/2016: “Eleftheri Ora” neo-Nazi daily newspaper front page cover story: “Parliament became a Jewish Synagogue”, responding to the inauguration in Parliament of a memorial for the Greek Jews parliamentarians who died in the Shoah.
  25. 26/04/2016: Job ad in Veria, discriminating against Roma, national Macedonian minority and repatriated Greeks from the Black Sea (“Pontioi”) Pontos.
  26. 27/04/2016: The official state APE-MPE Athenian – Macedonian News Agency promotes antisemitic Easter burning of Judas (or of the Jew), as a folklore tourist attraction.
  27. 29/04/2016: Hate speech and curses against atheists by Bishop of Kalavrita and Egialia, Amvrosios: “may Fili’ (Minister of Education and Religions) hand rot if he signs such atheistic decrees,” “May it be turned to poison (the meat that atheists eat during fast)… and pierce their stomachs… may it be turned to stone.”
  28. 01/05/2016: Racist accusation against a Roma, by the grandfather of a 4-year old girl in Skaramangas, Attica, on an alleged abduction.
  29. 09/05/2016: Athens city bus driver refuses access to a blind woman’s guide dog, and calls the police to back up his action.
  30. 23/05/2016: Grevena city council casts a racist vote against a local refugee camp.
  31. 23/05/2016: Homophobic phone threats (possibly by a police officer) to a GHM SOGI activist and refusal of the Racist Crime Department of the Hellenic Police in Athens to register a related complaint.
  32. 27/05/2016: Homophobic Facebook post by a mainstream journalist.
  33. 03/06/2016: Homophobic rejection of the broadcasting of Athens Pride spot by the National Radio and Television Council.
  34. 07/06/2016: Homophobic delirium by Bishop of Kalavryta and filing by him of a complaint for blasphemy against Thessaloniki Pride for a poster which was not even theirs.
  35. 08/06/2016: Anti-refugee rally in Chios.
  36. 09/06/2016: Racist delirium by a state honored state school teacher in Thrace alleging ongoing genocide of Christians by Muslims in Thrace.
  37. 09/06/2016: Desecration of the Athens Holocaust Monument with a tag, which police assumed that might refer to a Slovenian word meaning roasting.
  38. 11/06/2016: Homophobic insult by neo-Nazi police officer against Athens Pride and another police officer participating in the event.
  39. 15/06/2016: Online homophobic targeting of a gay activist who was photographed wearing high heals next to a parliament guard (tsolias), by extreme right-wing party “Ethniko Metopo”, accompanied by approving comments by followers.
  40. 16/06/2016: False racist accusation by Deputy Minister of Education alleging Roma parents sending their children to school only to receive a welfare benefit and then have them drop out, while the benefit is only granted after full attendance.
  41. 19/06/2016: Driver deliberately injures 3 refugees, insults them and leaves them helpless in Kavalari, Thessaloniki.
  42. 24/06/2016: 12 unaccompanied Pakistani minors abused by police in Moria, Lesvos.
  43. 25/06/2016: Antisemitism and Holocaust trivialization by a cartoonist in government party SYRIZA official “Avgi” daily newspaper.
  44. 27/06/2016: Ongoing antisemitic rants by the President of the Thessaloniki Bus Drivers Union during their meetings: “God accidentally created the Jews, who killed Jesus”.
  45. 01/07/2016: Antisemitic front page of neo-Nazi daily newspaper “Eleftheri Ora”: “Resist the Zionist plan for the ‘final slaughter’ of our [Greek] nation” [falsely attributed to Sir Basil Markezinis].
  46. 06/07/2016: Taxi company in Rethymno Crete demands €30 extra to transport blind tourist’s guide dog.
  47. 06/07/2016: Vandals destroy the facilities for people with disabilities on Skala beach on Cephalonia Island.
  48. 08/07/2016: Malicious denial of Srebrenica crime against humanity by a prominent political cartoonist.
  49. 10-14/07/2016: Residents of Leros Island, in outbreaks of violence, abuse and insult refugee allies, NGO officials, and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. Motorcycle patrols “outraged residents” terrorize refugees and abuse volunteers and NGOs around the island, particularly targeting the prototype reception center. The incidents are clearly linked to statements from local authorities.
  50. 16/07/2016: New extreme-right party L.E.P.EN opens offices in Athens. The party is a breakaway from Golden Dawn and was established in December 2015. Its main slogans include “No to illegal migration” and “Knife in the heart of every antifascist” (clear reference to the murder of rapper Pavlos Fyssas). Members have held anti-refugee protests in Piraeus against “those worms who have flooded our fatherland” and inter alia made efforts to block construction of a mosque. They wear Nazi and neo-fascist (Celtic cross) insignia at their rallies.
  51. 21/07/2016: Nazi posters line wall of Piraeus University. “If you had won the world would have been better”, “Immortal Rudolph Hess”. One poster, at least, is linked to the blog https://smashculturalmarxism.wordpress.com/.
  52. 21 & 22/07/2016: Anti-Roma article in local Rhodes newspaper with bigoted statements by Rhodes mayor, and illegal police sweep operations to remove Roma from parks.
  53. 29/07/2016: Known Nazi with Facebook profile posts vicious threats against migrants and disabled, accompanied by photographs of guns and armed men (presumably himself and his friends).
  54. 30/07/2016: Hellenic Police racial profiling against Roma ahead of Roma Holocaust Remembrance Day.
  55. 03/08/2016: Gay couple from London brutally beaten on Mykonos Island while on vacation.
  56. 03/08/2016: Death of Pellumb Marnikollaj while in detention at the Patission (Athens) Police Station. Police authorities maintain that Marnikollaj committed suicide on the 2nd floor of the building. His family in Albania maintains he was tortured.
  57. 04/08/2016: Prominent conservative journalist calls HIV-positive persons “a burden to employers.”
  58. 04/08/2016: “Why do Jews insist that we constantly … honor them?” Headline in local Ioannina paper “Proinos Logos” of malicious antisemitic article that denies the Holocaust as well as its 2,000 Ioannina Jewish victims – with the purpose of equating Israel with the Nazis.
  59. 02 & 04/08/2016: Xenophobic protests against housing for unaccompanied juvenile refugees in Papados Lesbos and anti-Roma statements by the president of that community.
  60. 09/08/2016: District of Papados Lesbos denies the creation of a shelter (in an already purchased private home) for juvenile refugees and holds a march in protest.
  61. 09/08/2016: Police officer verbally abuses and behaves in a threatening manner towards a person with disabilities on the Athens metro. Inter alia, the officer told the man, with a motor disability, that he “should be ashamed to appear in public” and tailed the passenger until he got on the train.
  62. 10/08/2016: Lidl-Hellas nurtures and justifies racist anti-Roma post on its Facebook page. Does not delete the post and thread claiming “We treat all customers and their complaints equally.”
  63. 10/08/2016: Iraqi refugee victim of police violence, including use of a taser gun in Moria Camp, Lesvos
  64. 11/08/2016: Serious accusations of abuse at a shelter for unaccompanied juvenile refugees: poor conditions, neglect, racist attitudes of staff, and cover-up of rape accusations.
  65. 17/08/2016: Refuted as a hoax: “Video-shock: Pakistani Islamist fanatics declare jihad in Greece.”
  66. 19/08/2016: Antisemitic article in online newspaper “Stotapsi.gr” in reaction to the hiring of Dr. Moisis Elisaf as substitute Director at the Ioannina Hospital. Dr. Elisaf is head of the Ioannina School of Medicine and president of the tiny Ioannina Jewish Community. The writer obliquely accuses “the Jews” of arranging for Dr. Elisaf’s hiring with ulterior motives for further power in government positions (in collusion with Israel).
  67. 20/08/2016: Series of threatening and abusive attacks on prominent LGBT activists and their allies on social media.
  68. 22/08/2016: Frontex publication on the use of guns by Coast Guard 2013-2015: “SHOOT FIRST Coast Guard Fired at Migrant Boats, European Border Agency Documents Show”.
  69. 22/08/2016: Racially motivated violent attack on Pakistani migrants in their home. There are many such cases.
  70. 23/08/2016: Antisemitic front page of neo-Nazi newspaper “Eleftheri Ora”: “Zionist plan of genocide against the Greek nation”
  71. 24/08/2016: Arson attack (gas canisters) in early morning hours, on the Notara Street refugee housing-squat in central Athens. There were no victims but considerable material damage. On 7 September the “Soldiers of the Radical Autonomous Fighting National-Socialists” claimed responsibility with a YouTube video, which they took down the next day.
  72. 02/09/2016: Institutional racism and xenophobia by the Municipality of Oraiokastro Thessaloniki in an official Press Release. “Yes to educating refugee and migrant children, but not in our municipality’s schools.”
  73. 03/09/2016: Iraqi refugee beaten up by the police in Moria Camp, Lesvos – pictures of wounds available
  74. 04/09/2016: News portal created by a SYRIZA MEP “TVXS.gr” consciously provides platform for Nazi antisemitic views by advertising The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and other Nazi propaganda, which constitutes a criminal and civil offence. They did not respond to viewer complaints.
  75. 05/09/2016: Illegal racial profiling of Roma by Hellenic Police and Ministry. Mention of ethnicity only appears in the subject line of arrest report and not in the text.
  76. 05/09/2016: Golden Dawn tabled a parliamentary question to the Interior Minister complaining about Hellenic Police’s post of a drawing containing a child of color. The drawing, which appeared on social media, advertises summertime, with 3 children, one of whom is non-white, building a sand castle.
  77. 07/09/2016: The Greek Registry Office refuses to register and issue birth certificate of a child of a couple in a same-sex civil partnership. The mother was legally married (in another country) and entered a civil partnership with the same woman in Greece when she was already pregnant. The law provides that, at the time of signing, that the couple declare in writing their preference for the surname of future children. The couple declared that the child take the non-biological mother’s name. Because the Registry Office registered the biological mother’s name at the time of birth, they now refuse to register this child as a Greek citizen.
  78. 08/09/2016: Police officer files civil suit (€80,000 for insult to his personality) against an attorney for her defense of transgender persons in a case against the police illegal roundup of transgender women, which took place in Thessaloniki two years earlier.
  79. 08/09/2016: The president of the NGO “Ellinon Synelefsis” (Assembly of Greeks) stated in an interview that that it was an insult to the “Olympic Games to see disabled [athletes],” that “the Paralympic Games are an insult to man,” and that “the hybrids, the animals create the planet of the disabled. What business does a disabled person have with the Paralympics?”
  80. 09/09/2016: A police officer shot and killed his foreigner neighbor for playing loud music.
  81. 09/09/2106: Woman with child in her arms verbally abused (with no “excuse”) on Athens metro: “should I let this foreigner kill me? – go back to your country – fuck you” etc. (video)
  82. 09/09/2016: Many blogs and the Facebook page of the Esphigmenou Monastery (Mt Athos) reproduced the fake news blood libel of a “Jewish trading center of (Syrian) human organs in Turkey” accompanied by a gruesome image.
  83. 11/09/2016: Unprovoked racially motivated attack on foreign football player during a match in Larisa.
  84. 11/09/2016: Historic Ioannina Synagogue, and some neighboring homes, desecrated with swastikas. The city and its Jewish monuments are frequently desecrated. Yet despite entreaties from the local Jewish Community and the Central Board (KISE), the authorities have yet to find the perpetrators or impede such incidents.
  85. 12/09/2016: In a letter to the regional government, the Parents Association of Filippiada Epirus asked that refugee children not be accepted into the local school. Inter alia, their concern was the “religious adulteration” of the attending pupils, whom they estimated were 100% Orthodox Christian.
  86. 13/09/2016: Far-right violent demonstration on Chios against the refugee hotspots on the island. The protesters clashed with the police, attacked local journalists –injuring at least one of them– and threw a bottle at the Paralympic medalist Pantelis Kalogeros. The police arrested only one NGO member but no protesters.
  87. 14/09/2016: Article by E.PA.M (United National Front party) president promotes a conspiracy theory that has Germany mass-exporting refugees to Crete, so they would end up being “more than 10% of the island’s population.” And, according to writer, because they are “illegal migrants” and “terrorist suspects” he calls for a “general uprising” of the island’s Greek inhabitants.
  88. 15/09/2016: Antisemitic speech in Hellenic Parliament by Deputy Minister of Education, Research and Religious Affairs. On the anniversary of the Asia Minor Disaster, the Minister draws on the “example of the Jewish people” as a way that Greeks can promote the memory of that period. According to him, the Jews have “appropriated the holocaust” [sic] and with “perseverance” … “achieved the [means of] equating the holocaust [sic] with the tragic fate of their nation… with the ulterior motive of provoking outrage against [the nazis] and the sympathy of the civilized world for what they went suffered.”
  89. 16/09/2016: Public swimming pool in Peristeri district of Athens refused to allow a blind couple to enter with their guide dogs. These parents of an infant whom they wished to enroll in a “baby swimming” class. Guide dogs are permitted by law.
  90. 18/09/2016: Mayor of Leros Island gratuitously blames refugees for a wildfire on the island. The mayor has a history of xenophobic remarks, and had no evidence to back up this claim.
  91. 19/09/2016: Golden Dawn and far-right lead protest in Moria Lesbos against refugee allies, demanding all refugees be removed from the island. Three volunteers (women) were injured in the violence.
  92. 24/09/2016: Online article in “Market News” by spokesperson of “Network of Conservative Greeks,” with reference to the xenophobic resistance in Oraiokastro Thessaloniki. Article threatens refugees that the citizens are “enraged” and society is on “the brink of exploding” [because of the refugees’ demands for schooling]. “[The violence in] Oraiokastro is just the beginning.”
  93. 25/09/2016: Electronic newspaper “dete.gr” disseminates unsubstantiated article accusing Roma youths of robbing and sexually abusing elderly men.
  94. 27/09/2016: President of the Republic and the New Democracy Party support the Bishop of Mantinea, mocking the criminal charges against him for homophobia, and invalidating those N.D. MPs who voted in favor of the civil partnership law.
  95. 17, 24 & 27/09/2016: Parents Associations and grammar school administrations in Alexandria, Thessaloniki, continue to protest and deny access to refugee children.
  96. 28/09/2016: Extreme anti-Roma comments on Facebook.
  97. 28/09/2016: Charges of racist arrest, detention and abuse of Syrian youth and minors by the Omonia (central Athens) Police Department. The children were on their way to one of the refugee centers to perform in a play. They were carrying a bag of plastic guns, toys that that were essential props in the sketch. The boys claimed that they were held for 10 hours, forced to strip and walk in circles naked, and suffered physical, racial verbal and psychological abuse. The parents of one of the boys filed a complaint despite alleged pressure by the police not to do so.
  98. 28/09/2016: Fake news disseminated on social media that refugees (or migrants or illegal migrants depending on the poster’s taste) gradually destroyed the monastery of Petra Olympus, scavenging for objects and stripping the wood to burn.
  99. 28/09/2016: Parliamentary intervention by MP Ahmet Ilhan charging unequal treatment of minority communities of Rhodopi, Thrace.
  100. 30/09/2016: Homophobic Greek Orthodox Church: Following the passage of same-sex civil partnership law, Bishop of Mantinea stated to reporters that LGBTs are “people of abnormality and that condemns them by life and society.” He “feels sorry for them and prays for God to forgive them, for them to repent and to change practices and become honorable members of our society.” In support, Bishop of Piraeus issued a lengthy statement, characterizing homosexuality as “the most wretched of sins” and “an insult in the face of God.” He also cited “supposed human rights… [the] monstrous passion of homosexuality, which is a psychopathological perversion of human ontology and physiology, has become the subject of the famous ‘Antiracist’ criminal Law [and] is … totally baseless.”
  101. 01/10/2016: Parents Associations of Kos Island schools refuse to allocate school buildings for use by refugee children.
  102. 04/10/2016: Rhetoric of Golden Dawn used in movement against refugees in Samos: “We want our island clean and free.”
  103. 05/10/2016: Extreme xenophobic front page of Eleftheri Ora newspaper: “Illegal migrants are fucking us without mercy.”
  104. 06/10/2016: Violent attacks on Pakistani migrants by motorcycle assault squads in the Agioi Anargyroi Greater Athens.
  105. 07/10/2016: Islamophobic rally by extreme-right in Oraiokastro Thessaloniki in the brouhaha of refugee children attending school: “Greece belongs to Greeks.”
  106. 08/10/2016: Torture against 3 Roma by the police, denial of requests by vicitms and GHM for a forensic examination and victims summoned to testify to police subordinates of their torturers.
  107. 08/10/2016: Parents padlock the gates to grammar school in Mytilini Lesbos in advance of refugee pupils attending on Monday.
  108. 10/10/2016: A sign posted on wall of the 66th Grammar School in Athens: “Refugee children are only good fried”.
  109. 10/10/2016: Large group of Greek parents attempt to block the entry of 41 refugee children to a grammar school in Volvi Thessaloniki.
  110. 10/10/2016: Provocation against refugee children at 7th Grammar School in Chios. Questionnaire circulated among parents and pupils about accepting refugee children.
  111. 10/10/2016: Mixed reactions to refugee children attending grammar school in Thisseio district of Athens.
  112. 10/10/2016: Application of Athens Museum of Queer Arts (AMOQA) to form legal union denied by the Athens County Court on grounds that the organization “spreads homosexuality.”
  113. 17/10/2016: Parents of 12-year-old, residents of Chania Crete, accuse 2 foreigners of racially motivated assault of their son with clubs as he was riding his bicycle in the street. At time of report, the police investigation had not corroborated the story.
  114. 20 & 21/10/2016: Golden Dawn blocks entry to refugee children to public grammar school in Avlida Halkida (Euboea).
  115. 22/10/2016: Two 17-year-olds suffer homophobic physical (punches to head) and verbal assault (taunting, etc) by large group of hooligans in the metro on the way to a match.
  116. 22/10/2016: On popular TV program on Epsilon TV a popular actor encouraged by host threatened to kill anyone who sued the far-right paper “Eleftheri Ora” for racist articles (the complaint against “EO” was filed by GHM).
  117. 22/10/2016: Golden Dawn rally against construction of mosque in the Votanikos district of Athens.
  118. 27/10/2016: Samos Union of Hoteliers refuses the UN High Commissioner’s request to house refugees on racist grounds.
  119. 30/10/2016: Police Department van parked in disabled spot in routine (non- emergency) parking.
  120. 01/11/2016: Greek Orthodox priest officiated over public memorial service (Sanctus) for Golden Dawn members, praying that God bless the Nazi party leader and his collaborators in their “blessed struggle to maintain the religious and patriotic traditions of the fatherland.”
  121. 02/11/2016: Turkish minority “Equality, Peace and Friendship Party” headquarters in Komotini harassed by Golden Dawn. Entrance and sidewalk littered with threatening flyers “Turkish Agents Get Out of Thrace” signed by Golden Dawn.
  122. 03/11/2016: Parents and Guardians Association of the 6th Primary School of Lamia occupy the school to prevent access to refugee children. The corresponding association of the Primary and High School of Moschohóri took the same action. Golden Dawn supported these actions on its website.
  123. 03/11/2016: Complaint by staff member regarding abuse of a resident with Down syndrome at the Patras residence for incurables. The victim showed evidence of beating.
  124. 04/11/2016: Staff of Asklipeio Hospital in Voula (Athens) lodged a complaint regarding prejudicial arrest of a Pakistani patient under treatment for a serious illness. The hospital had notified the police because the patient had not paid his bill. The police subsequently detained the patient at the local police station, despite his documentation and the legal provision that anyone with a serious illness has a right to free hospital care regardless of legal status.
  125. 06/11/2016: Antisemitic placards worn by members of the rally of far right “Ellinon Synelefsis” (Assembly of Greeks) political party in central Syntagma Square.
  126. 09/11/2016: Racist-motivated eviction of Roma from Kifissos area in Piraeus, carried out by the Municipality of Piraeus in cooperation with the Municipality of Agios Ioannis Rentis, the Hellenic Police and, according to the Press Release, in the presence of the District Prosecutor. The eviction is illegal because it did not follow standard procedure (public announcements, etc) and was carried out by an incompetent body.
  127. 09/11/2016: Rightwing gang of masked and helmeted bikers attacked refugees, beating them with wooden clubs, in the public gardens in Vathy, Samos Island.
  128. 10/11/2016: Antisemitic poster attached to wall near Thessaloniki Synagogue.
  129. 13 & 14/11/2016: Banner in favor of the Bosnian genocide at football match with Greek National team; Bosnian fan violently beaten at same. Facebook post followed denying the genocide.
  130. 16 & 17/11/2017: Three policemen are detaining and beating an Algerian refugee who is a minor in Souda Camp, Chios – video available
  131. 17/11/2016: Sign in Athens apartment building entrance warning of “Gypsy thieves”.
  132. 18/11/2016: Extreme antisemitic comments on Facebook in response to the advertisement of a book on the Holocaust in Greece.
  133. 17 & 18/11/2016: On both days, neo-Nazi gangs attacked the refugee settlement in Souda Chios, using stones, crowbars and petrol bombs, burning 100 tents to the ground and sending many of the camp’s inhabitants to hospital with serious injuries. Witnesses claim that the police remained passive for the most part. They did not arrest a single perpetrator, but detained 50 refugees, were arrested but 50 refugees, allies, and activists for the incidents that broke out as a result. The inferences of responsibility by the Golden Dawn leader corroborate the nazi party’s orchestration of the incident.
  134. 20/11/2016: Antisemitic, defamatory and homophobic post and comments on Facebook.
  135. 23/11/2016: Official vehicle of the Ministry of Culture in downtown Athens parks on the sidewalk, blocking the crossing for persons with disabilities.
  136. 23/11/2016: On the occasion of the Prime Minister’s visit to Thrace, MP Ahmet Ilhan, addressed an open letter to Alexis Tsipras, explaining the several problems of the Turkish Minority and the racial discrimination they encounter.
  137. 23/11/2016: Joint Parliamentary question regarding the bigoted and threatening post against migrants and refugees by a member of the Lesbos National Guard.
  138. 25/11/2016: Authorities are blamed for the unsuitable conditions leading to the explosion of cooking-gas canister and blaze in the Moria (Lesbos) Refugee “hotspot”. The fire caused 2 deaths – a 60-year-old Kurdish woman and her 5-year-old grandchild – and more than 10 injuries, 4 of which serious.
  139. 28/11/2016: Greek Council for Refugees (GCR) charges the Police Department of Samos Island with the torture of an Iraqi asylum seeker. The 25-year-old refugee, a survivor of ISIS torture and near-drowning off Samos, was injured by chance in a skirmish between police and migrants, and brought to the General Hospital of Samos. Upon his release he was detained by the police for 19 days, 5 of which in handcuffs, periodically placed on public display on a bench in the department waiting room.
  140. 29/11/2016: Extreme antisemitic comments by Facebook user: “Jews have no place in Greece.”
  141. 01/12/2016: Homophobic and transphobic rants in Hellenic Parliament by a (coalition government party) Independent Greeks (ANEL) MP and Golden Dawn MPs in debate on draft law for equality and freedom of sexual orientation and gender identity. The ANEL MP inter alia rhetorically questioned if “a transsexual could be a teacher” or a “gay man be a babysitter.” Golden Dawn claimed the legislation was in favor of “bestiality” and “pederasts,” and that LGBT people were “rapists.”
  142. 04/12/2016: On the occasion of the wildfires in Israel, the imam of the village Glafki Xanthi uploaded an antisemitic post on Facebook that he hoped the blaze would not be extinguished and added to replies that “all Israelis are the same; each is a blood-sucking monster.” After a barrage of complaints, on 07/01/2017 he deleted the post with an apologetic retraction.
  143. 06/12/2016: Xenophobic propaganda published by the Union of Hoteliers of Lesbos, Samos, and Chios in reaction to UN High Commissioner’s request to for refugee accommodations.
  144. 10/12/2016: Hellenic Police handcuffed both hands of a migrant being hospitalized in the Internal Medicine Clinic of Mytilini hospital (Lesbos Island). The doctors intervened, in order for the patient to be able to eat and to administer intravenous fluids. The patient, a Pakistani refugee, was detained by the Police after his asylum application was rejected.
  145. 12/12/2016: Aggressive and threatening Golden Dawn (MPs and supporters) disruption of joint panel of Greek Helsinki Monitor and the Turkish Minority Party of Peace and Friendship (DEB) of Komotini, taking place in the Union of Athens Daily Newspaper Journalists. GHM and DEB filed a joint lawsuit against the Hellenic Police and Golden Dawn. The Police neither protected the panel nor prevented the invasion (on the building’s 3rd floor) despite having agreed to provide additional protection ahead of the day, and the fact that at least 50 Golden Dawn protesters had assembled in front of the building at the start of the event.
  146. 14/12/2016: Neo-Nazi monthly and online newspaper “Eleftheros Kosmos” announced the formation by a self-proclaimed Nazi of the Enotiko Metopo Ellinikis Ideologias Sympatrioton [United Patriots Front for Greek Ideology] aka E.M.E.I.S. [US]. The “Political Movement” promises inter alia to “confront the problems plaguing society, such as drugs, [and] illegal migration…”
  147. 17/12/2017: Church of the Archangel Michael in Lagolio Crete was desecrated (arson, theft and ungrammatical Arabic slogans) by racists to falsely accuse and stir up hatred against Muslims and refugees. The fake news was promulgated by many mainstream media outlets.
  148. 19/12/2017: Unverified, gratuitous accusation of “illegal migrant” for purse-snatching on Chios Island near Souda refugee camp. The social media blog reports that situation is “unbearable” and calls for islanders to “take up guns” and “throw all [the refugees] in the sea.”
  149. 22/12/2016: Deliberate promulgation of fake and distorted news on social media targeting Muslims, Islam, and undocumented migrants Deputy Mayor of Serres and racist blog “Όλα στη φόρα” [Ola sti fora] for “destroying all the public Christmas trees” on the streets of Serres. The articles accuse “Illegal Apes” and “Illegal Muslims” of the crime, whereas this incident did in fact occur, in 2015, perpetrated by two Greek Orthodox youths.
  150. 25/12/2016: Published refusal to admit refugee children on racist grounds by Parents & Guardians Associations of 2 public grammar schools in Nea Ionia Magnisia (central Greece).
  151. 26 & 29/12/2016: Repetitive racist, xenophobic, Islamophobic and blasphemy against Islam in articles by a columnist in mainstream large selling center-right daily “Kathimerini”.
  152. 31/12/2016: Diary of neo-Nazi activities during second half of 2016, published on blog of AME (Autonomous Meander Nationalists) / Combat 18. Blog boasts of arson and attacks on leftist and anti-establishment hubs, as well as racist gatherings.
  153. 31/12/2017: Unsubstantiated assignation of responsibility to refugees on putting down a flag (both by the complainant and by the media that posted it)



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