FUEN condemns Golden Dawn party attack against member organization in Greece



The FUEN strongly condemn the shameful events occurred on the occasion of 10th December World Human Rights Day, at the conference ‘National Minorities in Greece and Recommendations of International Organizations’ organized by the Friendship Equality Peace (FEP) Party and the Greek Helsinki Monitor. The event was held on Monday 12 December at the Athens Journalists’ Association conference room in Athens.

The event was violently invaded by six Greek MPs from the racist Golden Dawn Party and its sympathizers. FUEN member FEP Party President Mustafa Ali Cavus was threatened with death, the Party’s executives, organizers of the event and the participants were subjected to abuse and threats. The MPs and other group members invaded the meeting room, insulted the Western Thrace Turkish Minority and their identity. FUEN strongly condemns this anti-minority attack in Athens and sees it as a blow to the democratic platform, to the dialogue and to the cooperation between minority and majority.

The Greek State’s security units were notified in advance about the upcoming event and were advised to take necessary precautions, hence it is not acceptable that extremists invaded the conference, a President of an official political party was threatened and participants were insulted. We find it difficult to understand that security units familiar with the attitude of the Golden Dawn Party did not take any measures. We learned that Greek’s public prosecution office started investigations against FEP Party Mustafa Ali Cavus for his speeches. We expect that the findings will observe the Greek legislation and the rule of law.

FUEN President Loránt Vincze stated: “Overall, such incidents cause damage to Greece’s democracy, fundamental human rights, including minority rights. The FUEN strongly condemns the Golden Dawn Party’s MPs and sympathizers for sabotaging a peaceful event organized in Athens. The Greek party’s abominable act unfortunately is not the first one, only this year in the European Parliament they acted in the same blameworthy manner. We are certain that democratic values and the European way of dialogue and cooperation are shared by the entire Greek society, it is a shame that members of a Greek political party once again act against these values” concluded the FUEN President.

The FUEN expresses its firm conviction to the authorities of Greece that serious measures will be enforced to prevent similar incidents against our member the FEP Party and other organizations of the Turkish Minority in Greece.

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